Our Team

Our committed team strive to deliver you the best outcome, every time.

To provide innovative commercial and property solutions for our clients, GLG Legal has developed a team that has the skills and experience to meet our clients goals. The values and vision of GLG Legal are driven from the top and exemplified in our leadership team.


GLG Advisory Committee

We see ourselves as your trusted advisors to assist you through the highs and lows of running a business. We know that a successful business needs a panel of advisors, such as accountants, real-estate agents, property developers, financial planners, auditors, insurance brokers, and niche legal experts, just to name a few.

GLG Legal prides its self on working together with your panel of advisors to help your business achieve its goals. We have developed over many years, processes to ensure seamless integration between GLG Legal and your advisors, for projects and in providing multidisciplinary advice.

GLG Legal in order to assist its clients, has developed an expert advisory panel, which allows GLG Legal to tap into expert multidisciplinary advise for short term and long term projects, to ensure that your business obtains the right advice, at the right time, from the right advisors.

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