4 Reasons Australian Companies Expand Into China

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One of the highest import and export markets for Australia is China. With a solid business relationship due to plenty of foreign direct investment prospects, tourism values, and international study opportunities, many Australian companies are thinking of expanding their operations into China. 

China itself is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, making it a solid place for companies to build their foreign reach. Are you interested in expanding your operations into China but remain doubtful whether it is a good idea? Consider these four reasons many other companies have already developed this way!

1. China Is Technologically Capable

There is no worry about the lack of infrastructure or technological solutions when expanding off-shore operations into China. 

China is already known as a technological hub, and many local businesses there have come up with stunning and astonishing advancements in technologies across various industries. This means that if you expand into China, your business will get to enjoy all these advancements, making operations cost-effective and more efficient.

2. China Offers Cost-Effective Solutions

Speaking of cost-effectiveness, China offers plenty of cost-effective solutions that can help companies become a lot more competitive. After all, many companies are sending their off-shore operations into China for that purpose. 

When a company can match or even beat another competitor in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost, competition is created. This leads to innovations that help drive your business forward while still allowing you to sell your products at competitive rates.

3. China has mutual opportunities with Australia

Australia isn’t the only country that is benefitting from this type of overseas opportunity. China also benefits from this greatly, with more foreign businesses working in their country. This leads to business partnerships, investment opportunities, strategic alliances, and more that benefit Chinese and Australian companies.

4. Globalisation Has Made International Business Simple

A while back, opening businesses on international shores can be an incredibly tough feat to pull off. However, with globalisation as we know it, such expansion has become a lot easier. This is all due to the advancements in technology that help connect the countries of the world. Things like communication to trade are much easier to do, especially on an international level.

When needing to relocate workers or even families, communication can be done quickly and easily through the internet and quick travel solutions. The opportunities for importing and exporting has also grown significantly, motivating countries to come into trade agreements. Finally, the support of technology and access to talents that allows companies to communicate with foreign countries has made partnerships a lot easier.


The opportunities to open up shop in a new country as China has never been more tempting than it is today. With promises of powerful alliances that benefit both parties down to getting access to technologies to make products better and more affordable, these benefits are just some things a company cannot ignore. 

That said, when you finally do decide to send your off-shore operations to China, we highly recommend taking the time to understand the local law, business regulations, local customs, and more. This way, you can abide by their rules and not end up offending anyone that can hurt your opportunities to expand your business! 
An excellent way to prepare for this is to hire a professional commercial lawyer to help educate you on important topics and help you make the right decisions. GLG Legal is an innovative commercial and property law practice in Brisbane, offering clients solutions to meet their commercial and property needs. Work with our commercial lawyers today and make your off-shore expansion successful!

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