Why You Need a Lawyer in Commercial Property Transactions

Ensuring Corporate Documents' Enforceability - What to Know


For any kind of business or investor, it goes without saying that the process of purchasing or selling a commercial property of any kind is a crucial experience and a significant investment decision in itself.]

While any kind of investment decision bears its own significance, commercial property transactions are particularly vital because of their impact on any business’s standing. If you’re in the midst of beginning such a transaction of your own—regardless of whether you’re buying or selling—then it is even more vital to ensure that you undertake the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth experience.

Among all the different approaches and routes you can take, one such form of essential preparation before purchasing or selling commercial property that you should never overlook is consulting with a lawyer before all else.

Why you should seek a lawyer first?

No matter which way you put it, a commercial property transaction is one that’s bound by an astounding number of legalities that leave a razor-thin margin for errors. Aside from consulting with accountants and finance brokers, attorneys offer a service that can’t be overlooked because the final culmination of the transaction is a legally binding contract.

What do they do in this situation?

Lawyers (or solicitors, as they’re referred to in this situation) are essential to your best interest because they help ensure that you’re protected from start to finish— and all the years after.

Mainly, their purpose is to ensure that there are no unfavourable terms in the legal document to be signed so that your safety and security are upheld at all times and uncompromisable. Aside from this, however, solicitors also provide legal advice when going through a transaction and help with the process of negotiating terms to ensure that everything is fair between both parties.

Are they essential to the execution of the transaction?

Any kind of sale and purchase of commercial property on Brisbane soil is governed by the Real Estate Institue of Queensland (REIQ)—an entity that requires the use of its own devised template.

Given this, it’s best to assume that a lawyer’s services will be essential to a certain extent if you want to conduct everything as safely as possible and make sure that nothing gets lost in translation or used against you. The intricate nature of such documents, as a matter of fact, cannot be discerned or digested fully by the average commercial property investor in the limited timeframe of a regular transaction. This makes it crucial to have a solicitor who knows the nuances and workarounds of such documents well enough to explain everything in layman’s terms.

If you’re looking for a more favourable experience after the entire transaction, in particular, you can’t overlook the possibility of hiring a solicitor because they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to alter or replace conditions. By taking the time to find a proper firm—such as Brisbane’s GLG legal—you can avoid falling prey to any area for error and other potential disputes that may arise!


The process of buying or selling a commercial property is one that entails you exercise a significant amount of careful consideration and preparation, especially when it comes to handling all the legalities and contracts involved. With the help of a lawyer, you’ll be able to mitigate all the potential risks and make sure that you’re in the best situation possible from start to finish and long after the deal closes!

We’re a law firm in Brisbane that specialises in commercial conveyancing, corporate law, and contract law. Give us a call today to see how we can best help you!

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