The Advantages of Seeking Legal Advice in Buying a Franchise

Ensuring Corporate Documents' Enforceability - What to Know


Buying a franchise entails familiarising yourself with the legal aspect of running a business. It is important that you know the documents you need to fill out and the legal entities you will be involved with. You should also be aware of the franchiser agreements you are signing. 

It is best that you have a consultation with a lawyer before buying a franchise because of the following reasons:

A Lawyer Identifies Legal Issues During the Contract Negotiations

A franchiser’s representative will negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract. You should have a lawyer read the terms and conditions and look out for possible legal issues. Common problems can include limitations on using the franchiser’s name and trademark.

A Lawyer Will Help You Put Together the Legal Documents

Before buying a franchise, you must get a lawyer to help you prepare the necessary legal documents. These may include a franchise disclosure document, a franchise agreement, or a non-competition agreement.

A Lawyer Reviews the Contract

A lawyer will be able to look out for any legal issues in your contract. It is vital that you go over the terms of the contract with them before signing the franchise agreement. In some cases, this is the only way that you can understand the contract’s legal jargon. 

A Lawyer Can Help You Adjust to New Laws

Before buying a franchise, you must familiarise yourself with any new laws and regulations. You should be aware of the policies and procedures that a franchiser may require you to follow, and a lawyer can help you adjust your business to these relevant regulations.

A Lawyer Can Help Evaluate the Franchiser

Before deciding to buy a franchise, you must evaluate the franchiser. It is always best to have a lawyer help you in this evaluation. There are several factors you must consider when choosing a franchiser, such as their financial health and the track record of the existing franchises.

A Lawyer Helps You Settle Legal Disputes

A franchise agreement will have stipulations on the terms and conditions of operating a franchise. Legal disputes arise when either party does not properly follow the contract. It is important that you have a lawyer who can mediate the conflict and make the necessary adjustments to the contract.

A Lawyer Can Look Out for Identity Theft

In some cases, the franchiser may not be the one who owns the franchise. Identity theft is a common problem in the franchise business. You can rely on a lawyer to help you pinpoint identity theft and prevent any misuse of the business’s reputation.

A Lawyer Helps You Negotiate the Terms of the Franchise

You must discuss the terms of the franchise with a lawyer. The terms of the franchise can affect your business’s performance and your ability to make money. A lawyer can negotiate the terms of the franchise to ensure your business’s success.


The legal aspect of buying a franchise is not something to be taken lightly. The best way to deal with this legal aspect is to contact a lawyer and ask for their professional advice. They will be able to guide you through the legal documents you need to buy the franchise.

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