Signing a Commercial Lease – Here’s How a Lawyer Can Help

Ensuring Corporate Documents' Enforceability - What to Know


With your business seeing the progress you’ve strived for and your profits growing, it’s clear that there’s no better time to finally make some much-needed upgrades than today. Now that everything is falling into place, it’s finally time for your company to make some investments that will allow it to go even further and set itself apart from the competition. Whether it is getting better equipment or upgrading infrastructure technologies, the list of different options you can cash in on is nearly endless.

Amid all the different investment options that are set before you, the opportunity to finally get a new commercial property is one that you can’t overlook because of how impactful it can be. Before you go ahead and go all-in on a property that will act as your headquarters for the next few decades, it’s vital that you determine whether or not you need a lawyer to review your commercial lease.

Do you need a lawyer for commercial leases?


Although you might be thinking that signing your commercial lease is something that you’re smart or capable enough to do on your own, the fact is that there’s more to expect when it comes to these documents. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook the practicality of enlisting the services of an experienced lawyer to help them review their documents and miss out on valuable opportunities, such as:

  • Saving more money during a purchase
  • Avoiding common purchasing-related issues
  • Ensuring that everything in the purchase process is done according to law

What happens if you don’t get a legal professional to review your commercial lease?

To the uninitiated, the mistake of not enlisting the services of an expert to help out with a commercial lease may not seem so grave at first, but the implications of doing so say otherwise. Let’s look at some of the possible outcomes of failing to hire an expert lawyer like GLG Legal’s in-house experts and our commercial leasing services for your upcoming purchase:

1. You can end up falling prey to excessive rent hikes

If there’s any reason that will convince you to enlist the services of a legal expert to look at your commercial lease ASAP, it’s that it will protect you from experiencing terrible spikes in your rental fees.

You see, the average commercial lease is filled with legal complexities and terms that can make it difficult for a client to determine whether or not a rental property is going to fit in their budget. Unfortunately, many landowners or tenants choose to exploit these loopholes by inserting stipulations that will allow them to make clients pay a significantly increased amount per year!

2. You can end up paying more than you should, as stated in the contract price

One of the most common outcomes of business owners failing to enlist the services of a legal professional that can look at a commercial leasing contract is that a client ends up paying in excess of their expected expense. This typically happens because unsuspecting buyers or renters end up overlooking details in legal documents that owners or sellers place to generate more income from their properties.


Among the different opportunities that you can capitalise on as you help your business grow and rise up the ranks, renting or buying a property is one task that requires much preparation. This is especially true when it comes to commercial leases. By enlisting the services of a legal expert, you won’t have to worry about property documentation-related matters getting the best of you because hiring a lawyer to help you out is the protective solution you need!

We’re a legal firm in Brisbane that specialises in servicing commercial law, brand protection, and corporate law needs of Australian businesses and entities. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can serve your legal needs!

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