Protecting Your Company’s Data – 3 Tips to Consider

Ensuring Corporate Documents' Enforceability - What to Know


As the employer, protecting your business intellectual property and sensitive information is one of your highest priorities. In the information age, it’s your responsibility to take a duty of care with not only your own personal information but also ensure confidentiality is maintained for protected for your cliental. Every single piece of information about your employees and clients must be secured, if one breach occurs it can not only be devastating for your reputation, it can have legal ramifications.  

Cyber criminals are constantly trying to access confidential corporate records in various businesses, in an attempt to steal and collect data. In the modern world, data is the new currency—and more often than not, the new powerful resource. This is the reason well-known companies are highlighted in news, suffering from loss of information. 

However larger businesses are not always the target of these activities small and medium businesses can also be a targeted, from hacking emails to gain financial information to sending fraudulent emails requesting payments to different bank accounts, the consequences can be dire. 

Tip #1: Diligence around access control 

The shear amount of digital data that can be accumulated by a small business can be vast and contain financial and sensitive personal information which needs to be protected. This data is  highly valuable for cyber criminals and  cyber attacks, which is why it’s important to ensure that you maintain control access through the use of firewalls, passwords, and encryption. This is particularly important if you’re relying on other devices, such as hard drives, USBs, and other small storage devices including cloud options. 

Remember that everything must always be password protected, but passwords used must be changed regularly. Stay away from easy to guess passwords, such as important dates, milestones, and names. You’ll want a combination of various letters and numbers, topped with special characters to ensure total security. It recommended to engage the services of an IT professional who has experience in information encryption. 

Tip #2: Keep your confidential document deliveries secure 

Although relying on the digital world is helpful, it still pays to have confidential documents kept on your company premises. Having them filed away in locked cabinets ensures ample protection, but what happens when documents need to be delivered? 

You’ll want to enlist only trusted courier service providers, or perhaps someone within your organization. Digital documents, on the other hand, should only be sent through email and trusted file-sharing programs. For good measure, any documents which contain sensitive or personal information should be encrypted, before sending them. 

Tip #3: Invest in employee training 

More often than not, confidential documents being leaked happen due to the employees. They’re one of the biggest risks to your company, but keep in mind that not all intent happens out of malice. In many cases, leaked data happens as a result of recklessness and ignorance.

For this reason, it’s paramount that you invest in employee training. Doing so allows your staff to be aware of the importance of confidentiality, along with the countless ways they can help protect the company. This may include coming up with secure passwords, destroying documents through shredders, and other methods needed to ensure total protection. 

The Bottom Line

Companies all over the world continue to suffer from leaked data, which wreaks havoc on their image and reputation. More often than not, these devastating occurrences could have been prevented—if only security measures were solidly implemented. Although data breaches or fraud remain to be prevalent, make sure to keep the aforementioned tips in mind. In doing so, you’ll actively be reducing the damage done—especially when it happens.
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