Why You Should Provide Terms and Conditions for Your Website

Terms and Conditions (T&C) agreements on websites have become the gold standard for most companies because of the increasing amount of online activity. It’s a way to protect the interests of both the business and the consumer. But what exactly can a business owner like you expect when you add a T&C agreement on your business website? 

This article will discuss the five key benefits of having legally binding measures, like T&C agreements, on your website. Take it as an opportunity to delve deeper into the benefits of commercial law and exercising your rights as a business owner. 

1. Builds genuine online trust among your customers 

Much of the shopping experience is now online because of the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, most customers would rather have their purchased clothing brought to their doorsteps and try them on safely from their homes. It means you need to do everything in your power as the business owner to protect and gain your customers’ trust online. 

With a T&C agreement posted on your business’s website, you let your customers know that you have their best interests in mind and that your business is in compliance with the law. You uphold ethical considerations through legally binding statements, such as through data privacy and terms of use. These are essential requirements in building online consumer trust and sustaining your business. 

2. Avoids costly and damaging legal consequences

Your business should do everything possible to prevent facing legal consequences because these can damage your legitimacy in your industry. You can get blacklisted from participating in future business ventures, and you may go bankrupt due to all the penalties you have to pay. All these legal consequences are avoidable by providing clear terms and conditions. 

According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), all online businesses should uphold the following: 

  • Ensure that all products and services meet Australian safety regulations. 
  • Practice fair business competition by ensuring a variety of consumer choices in quality and price. 
  • Have no misleading financial information, such as hidden costs or unreasonable taxes. 
  • Provide customers with automatic guarantees for repairs, replacements, cancellations, refunds, and compensation when necessary. 
  • Ensure that all products comply with intellectual property rights and not come with any outstanding debts. 

With a T&C agreement, you can comply with all the provisions of the ACCC and protect your business from legal action and scams. It ensures that all your business operations are legally protected and that you participate in healthy business competition in your chosen niche. 

3. Required for different payment options and business partnerships

There are numerous third parties involved when you invest in different business ventures online. For example, you may have a dedicated credit card provider partner to provide excellent rebate rates for your customers’ benefit. Take note: You cannot have all these financial partnerships and reap the benefits without having strict terms and conditions. 

By disclosing terms and conditions with your partnerships, you protect your business from being victimised by fraud or intellectual property violations. T&C agreements can effectively regulate your partnership and protect your business’s best interests. 

For example, let’s say you consider venturing into a copyright deal through a business partnership. You may have a set duration for the legal use of your logos and designs. However, you can lose profits if your business partner oversteps by illegally using your intellectual property. 

Having a T&C agreement on your website lets your customers, stakeholders, and other third parties learn about the legal standard of your products and services. Through commercial legal services, you can establish a strong, long-lasting business presence online and avoid falling into costly controversy. 


Many businesses take their operations online seriously, and you should as well by outlining your terms and conditions. Doing so will enable you to keep your branding and reputation legitimate and trustworthy among your customers. Take note of all the previously mentioned details behind having T&C agreements on your website and hire a professional commercial lawyer today. 
Are you in need of commercial lawyers in Brisbane for your website’s terms and conditions? We at GLC Legal can provide you with that. We can also offer you other commercial and corporate law services for your business. Consult with us to protect your business’s website today.

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