Intellectual Property in Entertainment

Whether you have written a book, composed a song, taken a photo or produced film media, we can help.


Protection of your work begins with your intellectual property and no matter the size of your project, you need to know your rights. Some rights are automatic meaning you don’t need to register them to gain protection.

Copyright protects your rights in original work. In Australian law, copyright arises naturally once you publish a work. You may wish to use content owned by others in your work before doing so make sure you have permission.

This is called copyright clearance.

You’ll need it to produce the works of others, no matter how small.

Moral Rights are rights that connect creators of a work to their work. If you are the creator of original work, you have the rights to be credited for your work and to prevent others from adapting your work without permission.

While many countries do have moral rights for creators, they are not always the same.


Designs can be registered to protect the unique visual apperance of your creation, from a pattern to the unique colour on the undersole of a shoe. There is one rule to remember- do not publish your design anywhere before you apply. This means no mention on websites, instagram or facebook.

Trade Marks are the starting point for branding, to allow you to distinguish yourself in the marketplace. A trade mark can be a logo, words or both.

Patents exist for any device, substance, method or process that is new, inventive and useful.


Whether you are starting out or looking to grow, as specialist in intellectual property, GLG Legal can find a solution for you.