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Ashley has worked in Property and Commercial Law since her admission as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2019 and is admitted in South Korea.

Ashley assists clients in relation to residential and commercial property transactions, commercial and retail shop leases and other commercial matters including general commercial transactions and agreements. 

Her experience includes:

  • Acting for private clients purchasing and selling residential and commercial properties.
  • Acting for private clients transferring properties between spouses, family members etc.
  • Providing FIRB/AFAD advice to clients.
  • Acting for private clients in relation to commercial and retail shop leases for a variety of business types, including in the food service, industrial, accommodation and education sectors.
  • Acted for private clients in relation to business sales and purchases, including transfer of leases. 
  • Assisting overseas clients to recover debts against Australian companies, as well as preparing security documentation.
  • Ashley is qualified in two jurisdictions, having previously been admitted as a lawyer in South Korea in 2013.

Prior to moving to Australia, Ashley worked as a second secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. There, she was responsible for the conduct of litigation matters involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ashley subsequently worked as a litigation attorney in a Korean firm handling commercial matters and civil and family law disputes. 

Ashley is a native speaker of Korean and also a fluent Japanese speaker, having studied for a year in the Law Faculty at Kobe University. She is pleased to assist clients who prefer to communicate in Japanese or Korean and has experience in translating legal documents.


  • Member of the Queensland Law Society
  • Member of the Korean Bar Association
  • Member of the Seoul District Bar Association.


  • LLB, Chonnam National University
  • JD, Chonnam National University Law School
  • LLB (Hons), Queensland University of Technology
  • GDLP, the College of Law.


김정인 변호사(Ashley Kim)  2019 호주 퀸즐랜드 대법원으로부터 변호사 자격을 인정받고 현재까지 부동산 법과 상법 관련 업무를 수행하고 있는 바한국에서도 변호사로 활동하였습니다.

김정인 변호사의 주요 업무는 거주용 부동산, 아파트, 상가 등의 매매 및 이전, 상가임대차 계약과 비지니스매매를 포함한 각종 상사계약에 대해 의뢰인에게 조언 및 계약의 완성입니다.

김정인 변호사는 아래와 같은 법률서비스를 제공해왔습니다.

  • 거주용 부동산 매매계약 (판매/구매)
  • 부동산 등기이전 (가족간의 등기이전 등)
  • 호주 부동산을 소유하는 호주 회사의 주식 구매 관련, 외국인 투자자들에 대한 호주 정부 승인(FIRB) 및 취득세(Transfer duty) 관련 조언
  • 각종 상가 임대차 계약서 (Lease contract) 검토, 조언, 협상 및 완성 (자동차 수리센터, 공장, 창고, 숙박, 레스토랑, 교육상담, 일반사무실, 미용실, 식료품, 의류 상점 등)
  • 임대차(Lease) 계약이전을 포함한 비지니스 매매계약 작성, 검토, 조언 협상 및 완성
  • 호주회사를 상대로 한 해외 의뢰인의 채권추심 및 민사분쟁

김정인 변호사는 호주에서 변호사 활동을 하기에 앞서 한국에서 변호사 자격증을 취득, 서초동의 법무법인에서 민사, 상사, 가사 소송을 수행하다가, 대한민국 외교부에서 외교부를 대상으로하는 민사 및 행정 소송을 수행하였습니다.

김정인 변호사는 한국어, 영어 뿐만 아니라 일본어도 자유롭게 구사합니다. 일본 고베대학교에서 교환학생을 하면서, 논문 완성 및 각종 법률문서 번역을 하였고, 호주에서도 일본인 의뢰인을 위해 일본어통역을 맡기도 하였습니다.

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