Retail Shop Lease

Looking at a Shop Lease?

A Retail Shop Lease is just what is sounds, a lease for a retail shop. But don’t get caught out, some leases which you might not think are would be a lease for a retail shop fall within the scope of a mandated government guidelines for a Retail Shop Lease.

Retail Shop Leases in Queensland are strictly governed and must adhere to the government guidelines to ensure that the lease agreements are valid. The paperwork involved in a Retail Shop Lease is often more complex and onerous than a commercial lease and a failure to complete the required documentation correctly can invalidate a lease or restrict your ability to deal with any disputes which may arise.

Negotiating and finalising the nitty gritty details of a lease can be difficult in a document full of legal terms. GLG Legal can help you understand what is required of you as either a Landlord or a Tenant and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that not only will your lease be enforceable, but that you receive the best possible terms for your lease agreement.

If you want to make sure that you’re protected and understand what your lease agreement entails, get straightforward advice from GLG Legal for your next Retail Shop Lease.


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