When your business’ future franchise arrangements, there are many issues to consider.

  • Strategies and options
  • Appropriate business structures and systems
  • Franchise agreements and other documentation
  • Master franchising arrangements
  • Code of Conduct compliance
  • Intellectual property – identification, protection, licensing and maintenance
  • Employment agreements and industrial relations, credit applications, ancillary contracts and documentation
  • Commercial leasing and licensing
  • Disputes, negotiation, mediation and litigation
  • Termination, buybacks and transfers
  • Acquisitions, consolidation and sales

For those new to the field, it can be daunting. That’s were an experienced franchising solicitor can help clear the confusion and develop a strategy to simplify the process. From there, our law firm can help you compose the associated documentation and contracts. Working together, we will ensure that your business sees the benefits that franchising can offer, without any nasty surprises.